Our company can create many styles of mirrors for display.  Mirrors come in various thicknesses and colors to meet your needs.
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Vanity Mirrors

There are almost infinite options for displaying a reflection above a sink.  The most common are rectangles and ovals.  We can also cut curves or patterns, drill holes for lighting fixtures and wall recepticals, bevel the edges, use beveled overlays, and safety back them.

Mirror Wall

These types of displays are popular in dance studios, and provide a giant reflection of the entire room.  We support our mirrors using track molding and clips.  We can but the edges together or use bevelled overlays.

Automotive Mirrors

We can create replacement mirrors for automobiles, whether a side mounted or rear view mirror.  Dealerships wont sell the mirror just the entire assemble, for a substantial price.  Let us make you a custom new mirror for a fraction of the cost.  We prefer you to bring us a pattern that you are satisfied with, but we can also create one for you, as well as remove and clean the old one.


Whether it is a vanity mirror, an entire mirror wall, or a broken display case, we have the tools and tricks to safely remove any mirror.  We can also haul away your old mirror.