We install showers provided from Heritage Shower Doors in Venice, FL.  Please click here to visit their website for further details and photo galleries.  All their showers have many metal color and glass texture/pattern options.

There are three main categories of showers:  Bi-pass showers, where there are two doors that roll on a track; hinged doors with panels and 3/8" frameless doors with panels.
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Bi-Pass Showers - 1/4" or 3/8" thick

Bi-pass showers offer ease of access and multiple points of entry.  The doors hang on rollers inside a track in the header.  The glass comes either fully framed or frameless.  The handles can either be the pound on type that grabs the side edges, or the bore-thru type where the handle actually passes through holes in the glass.  You can choose from towel bars, knobs, or pulls.

Continuous Hinged Showers - 1/4" thick

All our hinged doors use a continuous hinge from top to bottom for maximum strength and durability.  These units can be installed straight or "in-line" or can be used with mitred angles.  We can even notch the glass to go up and over a small wall.  The metal framing packages come in two options: framed and semi-framed. 

Framed units have metal surrounding each piece of glass and around the doors.  Glass panels are held in place with a small water tight vinyl.  In addition to a continuous hinge, framed units feature a continuous magnet running the height of the door keeping things sealed tightly inside.

Semi-framed units still use metal framing for the structure but the glass panels have no metal around them until placed, and are held in place with a small water tight vinyl.  This gives the glass more area of visibility and less metal obscuring the view.  The glass panels can come together with a vertical metal post or they can be butted and siliconed for a seamless look.  The glass door is framless except for the continuous hinge on one side.

Frameless Showers - 3/8" thick

These frameless units feature heavy 3/8" glass and as little metal as possible.  They are intended for use in large walk-in showers or units where the water will not hit the glass.  This is due to gaps between the glass that are part of the design.  Otherwise water will get through and out of the shower leaving a mess and danger.  There are multiple configurations that use varying degrees of metal framing.  A word of advice, the bigger and thicker the glass and the less structural framing, the less stability the unit will have in the end.  They are all safe but on some units, especially the ones without a header, slight movement is to be expected when pressure is applied and when closing the door. 

The basic 3/8" units will use metal vertical wall jambs and sills in a u-channel configuration with no vinyl.  If you want even less metal, notched glass with clips is the way to go.  All doors use notched glass and hinged clips to accentuate the frameless look.  Where two pieces of glass come together on an angle, clear silicone in applied to hold them together and provide an unobstructed view of the shower.