Windows and Doors
From residential window repairs to commercial storefront installations to office reception pass-thru's to curved glass and frames, Tri-City Glass can provide the solution to your next project.  We offer a wide range of windows and doors for all phases of residential and commercial construction.  We also do retrofits, updates, repairs, and stock most parts. 
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New Construction
Storefront Windows and Doors

Sealing building envelopes is our specialty and we offer products from a wide range of suppliers to meet the needs of all glazing projects.  Some of our framing options are sash, storefront, high impact, and insulated.  Sash framing is used for 1/4" glazing.  Standard storefront metal accepts 1/4" and 3/8" glass.  Larger storefront systems are designed to accept 1/2" through 1 5/16" glass and is used for both laminated and insulated glass.  Hi-impact storefront is a thicker and larger framing system and uses laminated glass with thickness' from 9/16" and up.  That makes this system rated for hurricanes and high wind load zones.  Insulated window and door frames cut down on cooling and heating costs and can be incorporated into high impact systems to meet wind loads.

For storefront and entrance systems that are very tall are created out of curtainwall storefront systems.  These framing systems use long lengthes of steel re-inforcement to keep the structure stable and safe and can be built in any configuration.  Exterior windows and facades on high rise building are created out of this to give a "glass wall" look.

Our storefront systems are not limited to commercial use.  We can use storefront to create large or small "picture windows" in your home with a wide open view supported by strong framing.  Also our president patented a system that allows us to use storefront framing cut on mitred angles to create a curved glass wall without the expense of bending the metal and glass.  These windows use vertical wall-jambs but no vertical mullion bars at the joints of the mitres.  The glass is butted together and has a v-shaped opening for us to fill with clear silicone, leaving a unobstructed view across the entire opening.  

Another residential project we've seen great success with is, glass fireplace surrounding walls.  Lyons Heritage homebuilders have been building houses with a open wall leading to a outdoor patio, with a dual facing fireplace in the middle of the opening.  We fill the surrounding space with glass to give you a wide transparent view while highlighting a functional feature.

Replacement and retrofitting of storefront systems is also a specialty of ours to seamlessy transform your building envelope to meet your needs.  Here is an example of before and after a retrofit.

Another trend in construction is creating glass partion walls to seperate areas audibly but no visualy.  We can do this using storefront systems to create static windows or sliding partition doors to create an enclosed effect.

Storefront doors come in varying strengths to meet wind loads as well.  The doors come standard with a pushbar and c-pull handle, but can be upgraded with panic bars, and various lock configurations.

Both storefront windows and doors come with multiple metal color and glass texture/pattern options to compliment your building's design scheme.  Insulated glass systems also have the option of Muttons being inserted between the glass to create a grid pattern.

Standard Residential Windows

We sell and install many types of standard residential windows such as single-hung, double-hung, pre-hung, curved, and custom windows.  We offer products from many manufactures including PGT, Suncoast Designers, Peachtree, Silver Line, Milestone, Storm Smart, Wayne Dalton and more.

Pass-Thru Doors

Pass-Thru's are typically used in offices that use waiting rooms. They create a passageway for clients to interact with employees, while also creating a transparent barrier between areas to cut down on noise.

Existing Construction


You are welcome to bring broken windows to our shop and we can repair them, whether they have plate or tempered glass.  We also stock obscure, grey, and bronze glass, mirrors, and jalouse glass in both clear and obscure.  We are familiar with all type of glazing systems even the ancient ones so no job is too tough.  Another option is if you know the size of the glass you need we can make it for you to pick up and install yourself.  We also can come out to your house or place of business, to do a repair, with an additional trip and labor charge ofcourse.


We do not do standard automotive windshields or side windows because of their special fit and curvature.  We refer all that business to ACA Auto Glass on US 19 in Port Richey.  The are a few types of automotive glass that we can repair or install. 
Broken sideview and rearview mirrors can be replaced by us for a fraction of the cost of a new factory mirror (which are really made of acrylic).  We encourage customers to make us a pattern of their mirror and bring it to us (prefferably using the thin stiff cardboard from canned drink boxes).  We can duplicate your pattern but want you to be happy with the pattern first.
Classic cars that used flat laminated glass can be difficult to find replacement windows for the originals.  We can make you brand new ones, cut to a pattern, and then send them off for tempering.  The same goes for non-laminated flat windows, we can custom cut the pattern and then get it tempered.
RV and campers have flat side windows that often get broken.  Whether made of annealed or tempered glass, we can duplicate the original and fit it into your frame.